Home security is getting more accessible every day. With faster computers, higher video quality, and more affordable accessories, you can create a customized security experience while sticking to a strong systems originally designed by a security expert. Here are a few benefits of modern security design to help you figure out how far your customization can go.

Enhanced Camera Options

Have you heard of High Definition? It's everywhere these days, and the reason is simple: high definition is the new normal. There is no more "standard definition" as far as new, useful, mainstream devices go.

You have to go out of your way to find a new, less-than-HD system for some sort of low-profile, low power, low quality system. Buying used devices at low quality is more than just being cheap; you won't be able to see as well when you record video, and that won't help you when identifying intruders. HD is cheap enough at its cheapest levels, so just stick to that level.

The lowest quality level for HD is 720p, and there are plenty of camera options at that quality level. The cameras come with more options than just video quality; different audio options, types of connectors for connecting to recording decks and computers, and various timers can be part of a single camera system.

Cameras can be connected to a recording deck or your computer in order to view security footage and record that footage. The quality of the camera also increases the size of the video files, so you'll have to play a balancing game of recording size versus quality.

You can set the recorder to overwrite when full, buy more storage space, or some combination of both. Ideally, you'll want to have space for multiple days of recording in case you're away from home or don't notice an intrusion for a while, and buying more storage can make that task a lot easier.

Either buy storage that is compatible with your security system or get a system that makes buying storage cheap and easy. A computer-compatible system is probably the best if you know how to use a computer, since you can just buy any budget drives with multiple terabytes of space for days of quality at 720p, 1080p, or even the new 4k quality.

4K is a bit excessive for 2018, but the same was said about 720p once.

Motion Sensor Options

Some people leave their cameras on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other people may want to conserve power and storage space by only recording when something is nearby, and some people just want notifications when something different happens. Motion sensors can enhance all of these situations.

A motion sensor is designed to notify a system of an event. When a person, animal, or other moving object over a certain size or programmed quality passes by the motion sensor, a signal is sent to do "something".

That something can be triggering an audible or silent alarm in your home or at a security company, turning on your cameras, or sending an alert to your phone. It can even do all of that and more, depending on what you want to program for your sensors.

Contact a surveillance camera and security system professional, such as at Enhanced Telecommunications and Data, to discuss installation and customization options.