Have you been thinking about upgrading the phone system at your business to a VOIP system? If so, it will help to know some of the features that you will be getting.

Internal Phone Calls

One of the nice benefits of having a VOIP phone system is that each phone is going to have its own extension that can be dialed from other extensions in the office. This can be seen as a huge improvement if you only have phones that can accept external calls, making internal communication using the existing phone system impossible.

Direct Phone Numbers

All of your employees will also have direct numbers where they can be reached by customers, without having to go through a virtual assistant system before being redirected. This can be great for customers that work with specific employees on a regular basis so that they have a direct line of contact. 

Customized Ring Groups

You can use a virtual assistant system to direct customers to a certain department. From there, you can set a group of phones to ring simultaneously so that someone is more likely to answer the call and give the customer the assistance that they need. This means that the customer will be less likely to reach voicemail and more likely to be helped by a real person.

Forwarding Features

Everyone's individual extension can also be forwarded to an employee's personal cell phone. One of the nice things about the VOIP forwarding features is that it can be used for simple call forwarding or simultaneous ringing so that multiple phones ring at once. 

Voicemail Transcription

Do you dread going into your voicemail box and listening to all of the messages that have been left by customers? A much easier way to do this with a VOIP system is with voicemail transcription. You'll be able to go through the phone messages much more effectively when you can just read the transcription rather than have to listen to the messages. You won't realize what a huge benefit voicemail transcription is until you start using it on a daily basis. 

Phone Call Recording

You also have the ability to record phone calls, with it happening automatically or on-demand. This can be great to monitor employee performance on phone calls or to record important meetings where you don't want to lose detail about what was said on the call.

For more information about business VOIP telephone systems, contact a telephone company.